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Russell Conveyor


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Russell Conveyor & Equipment manufactures pre-engineered MDR Conveyors (Motor Driven Roller Conveyors) for their clients and partners. They can provide you with the exact material handling solution that fits your needs. After many years of designing conveyors and conveyor systems, they have the experience to match the right conveyor to the right application.

MDR Accumulation Conveyors


Bed: 7" Deep x 11GA. Formed Steel Channel Frame Powder Coated

Rollers: 1.9" DIA. x 16GA. Galvanized Double Grooved

Overall Standard Frame Widths: 19", 25", 31", 37"

Motor: 24 VDC Motor

Reversible: Yes

Supports: Adjustable Floor Supports Available

Speeds: Up to 450 – 500 feet per minute

MDR Accumulation Conveyor


Buffering Products Before Sortation, or Packaging/ Shipping Areas

Feeding Palletizing, Wrapping, and Taping Stations

Assembly Lines and Picking Stations

Perfect for Fragile or Lightweight Products

Key Benefits:

  1. True zero pressure accumulation
  2. Energy efficient
  3. Lower maintenance cost
  4. Easily integrated into existing systems
  5. Custom sizes & short lead times
  6. Retrofit existing conveyor frames
  7. Quick ship program available for standard widths (18", 24", 30", 36")
  8. 75% lower install price compared to that of traditional conveyor

Other Types of Conveyors:

Transport Conveyors:

Transportation Conveyors are the backbone of any manufacturing operation. They integrate the different processes and subzones in order to create a seamless, hands-free flow of materials. These Transportation Conveyors can be used to move items of varying sizes, from the very large to the very small as well as having the ability to transport items that may be of unusual or irregular shape and size. They come as gravity driven, belt driven or live (MDR) driven.


Carton and Tote Conveyors:

Russell Conveyor provides a complete line of MDR conveyors that can handle virtually any carton or tote regardless of weight or size. Do you need a transportation, accumulation or sortation conveyor? Do you need an incline, decline or spiral? What about speed? Our MDR conveyors can hit speeds up to 450-500 feet per minute. There are almost no limits to the capabilities of our MDR systems.

Carton and Tote

Pallet Handling Conveyors:

Russell Conveyor’s Pallet Handling Conveyor is also powered by Motor Driven Roller. These rollers are made for all types of pallets up to 2,800lbs. MDR Pallet Conveyors are skillfully controlled by zone to ensure that your product is taken care of. As the name suggests, your pallets will be handled safely and efficiently.

Pallet Handling