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Introducing TBH North America to Our Product Line


We are happy to announce that we are now distributors for TBH North America (TBH) in North and South Carolina.  TBH is a leading, global manufacturer of high-quality fume extraction and filtration equipment. 

TBH offers the broadest range of product in the industry to cover your needs regardless of industry. Their 25 years of experience, coupled with their modular design, gives TBH the knowledge and flexibility to address their customers’ specific needs. Their innovative lab can help you solve your problems in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Various manufacturing processes can cause hazardous, toxic vapors, gases, aerosols and particulates that can be harmful to your health.  Even nontoxic substances affect workplace quality by dust and odor nuisance.  Adding a fume extractor or filtration system to your manufacturing line can eliminate many of these hazards.

Here are some of the applications where TBH can help provide equipment to remove toxic, hazardous and damaging by-products:

TFS Series
  • LASER APPLICATIONS - Includes using lasers to do cutting, marking, engraving & welding         
  • SOLDERING & WELDING OPERATIONS -Includes brazing & flux by-products
  • DRILLING, PECKING OR TAPPING - Generates dust, chips, vapors, especially when coolant is used
  • EDM OR CHIPPING APPLICATIONS -Oil mists and hazardous fumes can be generated by the dielectric
  • BONDING OR GLUING - Hazardous vapors can be produced by adhesives 
  • PRINTING & PAPER USE - Dust, fumes and solvents can cause health hazards

The TBH line of fume extraction and filtration systems has many unique features that make their products more user-friendly, flexible and cost-effective:

1. Modular design allows you to get exactly what you need

2. Models are all upgradeable and adjustable, so if your needs change, you can easily adapt to meet them
3. All models are easy to maintain and built “tank” tough
4. TBH gives you all the specs you need to determine which model is right for you.  Not all of their competition does that.
5. No combi filters that force you to buy other filters that may not need to be changed
6. No brushed motors in their industrial product line
7. No bellows pre-filters that pollute the work place when they need to be changed
8. No bags of carbon to mess with
9. TBH has the broadest range of solutions in the industry – even self-cleaning units are available
10. Full technology lab in the states with complete modeling capability
11. Tons of inventory of models and accessories to help eliminate downtime in the work place

BF Series

LN600 Series FP Series GL Series
  • Used for soldering, lasers, processes with adhesive, moist dust, vapors and gases
  • Upgradeable with various filter modules by the customer
  • Simple filter replacement
  • High air volume for high-performance extraction
  • Powerful electronics
  • Used for lasers, grinding, milling, drilling processes with dust, chips, mists and packaging processes
  • 4 models available
  • Upgradeable with various filter modules by the customer
  • ATEX series used with flammable dusts
  • Cleanable filter cartridge
  • Simple dust removal
  • Powerful electronics
  • Used for soldering (multi-site extraction), laser processing,
  • processes for working with adhesive/moist dusts, vapors & gases and low-noise environments
  • Modular design - upgradeable with various filter modules
  • Simple filter replacement
  • Energy-saving, powerful and quiet
  • Powerful electronics

To learn more about the TBH product line of fume extraction and filtration products, check out their website here.  You can download their catalogs, review applications and get the latest news updates.  Contact us if you have questions or an application with which we can be of assistance.