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Let’s Learn More About Scribe Marking for Permanent Part Identification

Let’s learn more about the scriber manufactured by Gravotech (formerly Technifor). Marking by scribing offers permanent, tamper-proof marking. All of their marking systems are designed to be integrated into any production process, to directly mark all metallic and plastic parts, whatever the shape or surface finish.

Scribe marking offers permanent marking on your part but with much less noise. Designed to combine depth with aesthetic results, speed, strength and position, the scriber can be configured for perfect direct part marking consistency and legibility. Scribing gives the highest quality characters with the existing fonts.

Gravotech offers two styles of Scribers:

Model XF510r
  • Integrable into your production line
  • 3 different marking window to meet your marking needs
  • Quiet marking on metal – perfect for metal tubes & pipes
  • A range of styluses adapted to each application
  • XCOM controller for perfect control of the marking head
  • Reliable and durable mechanics
  • Continuous line marking
  • Excellent value at a reasonable cost
Model SV510
  • Deep marking on all materials, from soft, such as aluminum to the hardest steels at a high speed
  • Direct part marking for precise & deep engraving with reduced noise
  • Mainly used in the automotive industry for VIN marking
  • Integrable in any production line
  • Special scribing controller coupled with V22 stylus suitable for all your uses in the automotive industry
  • Large marking area of 120x40mm (up to 200x40 on request)

Gravotech’s historical brand, Technifor, invented dot-peen marking in 1981 to meet the growing coding and identification needs of industrial manufacturing. Their range of integrated dot peen marking machines and scribing machines are the most reliable and efficient on the market. Their integration on production lines is quick and easy thanks to their compact design and full connectivity. Their marking machines are very cost competitive as well.

Do you have an application we can assist with? Feel free to reach out to your Dixon Engineering and Sales Co. regional manager who will be happy to answer questions or set up a visit at your facility. We look forward to working with you on your next marking project.

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