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Sugino’s Barriquan Self-Compensating Deburring Tool Is Making Quality Hole Deburring A Snap

Sugino Corp.’s Barriquan family of Self-Compensating Deburring Tool Holders allows for contour deburring using integral tension and compression designed for hard tool deburring of all materials and part shapes.  A spring load within the tool generates constant pressure on the part to produce a uniform deburred surface.

Before And After BurrAs you can see from the photo above, vertical compensation and variable tension allows for clean and even burr removal.  With the Barriquan tool, there will be no more rubbing parts with rudimentary files and medieval dental equipment to remove problematic edges.  It will make for a more productive workplace, decreasing additional finishing costs, time, effort and frustration.  These tools can be used in many applications such as deburring pipe ports/holes (underside as well), casting profiles, brushing applications, robot applications, and more.  There are three types of tools available:

Types Of Tools Available

Barriquan tools are designed for normal clockwise rotation (right-handed rotation and feed). These tools are designed primarily for linear pressure.  Damage to the tool could occur if an excessive radial load is applied.  Downforce pressure can be easily adjusted to meet burr requirements. 

If coolant is necessary for the deburring operation, you will need to focus the fluid on the burr bit and work piece surface. Excessive coolant on the tool body could lead to a future malfunction.

Barriquan Tool Holders

They can be mounted in most machining centers, turning machines, Sugino drilling units or utilized as end-of-arm-tooling on a robot. Standard industrial burr bits and brushes available from many sources can be utilized in the Barriquan Tool Holders.

Sugino also offers a completely automated solution as well.  The Sugino Barriquan™ Robotic Deburring Machine is an automated cell which features dual Barriquan high-speed spindles on an end-of-arm KUKA robot, designed to replace manual deburring in your factory.  In addition to the 6-axis robot, there is a rotary positioning table to give full 7-axis capabilities for deburring the most complex of parts.

The Barriquan Robot Deburring Cell also features the KUKA smartPA™ controller, stainless steel constructed framework, Lexan windows, a sliding front door assembly with safety switches, a removable chip tray, and forklift pockets for easy transport.

Want to learn more about these tools?  You can visit the Sugino Corp. website by clicking on this link.  There are also videos that you can watch to see how the Barriquan deburring tool works.  We would be happy to help you with an application or answer any questions you might have.  Feel free to contact us at 704-895-6805 or jackdixon@dixoneng.com.