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The new version of the top-selling Automator Laser Marker with the innovative aWave auto-regulation of frequency system is here. In addition to being the world's least expensive galvanometer steered laser and also the smallest laser in the world, NanoVISII is a modular engineering device that combines the best components with interchangeable parts and options. NanoVISII is the evolution of the NanoVIS laser marker, but with new features and assets.

What Are the New Features of the NanoVisII?

  • Modular internal layout - easy interchangeable components
  • New shutter and shutter housing
  • Modular external case - easy access to the electronic parts
  • Easy preliminary diagnostics led system
  • All available axis - no accessory board required
  • NEW, easy to use, Automator EuGenius™ Laser Marking Software

EuGenius™ Software Incorporated Into ALL Automator Laser Marking Systems

Automator’s highly specialized team incorporated more than 70 years of marking experience to develop their proprietary EuGenius™ Software. This software is versatile and friendly to use, even by operators without highly technical specific training. The new EuGenius™ Laser Software allows the marking head to be used with all available external axis, such as X, Y, Z, rotating Theta or any combination or robot application, without any accessory board. The new EuGenius™ software was 100% designed and created by Automator and will run all of their laser makers. Features of the EuGenius™ software program include:

  • Multilanguage menu
  • Management barcode "Datamatrix", 2D code, QR code, PDF Queues
  • Easy import of vector drawings, DXF
  • Easy import of raster graphics, BMP, JPEG, JPG, GIF
  • Complete set of laser parameters such as speed or power laser
  • Texts, Text arcs, text on curved lines
  • Lines, rectangles, polygons, circles and arcs
  • TTF Font ® (windows property)
  • Texts with date, serial numbers, shift codes and year/month/day
  • Graphic preview
  • Multi fillings or single profile markings
  • Templates (object to be marked as background)
  • Proportion scale, move, rotate, group creation of each object on the screen
  • Quick Test for an easy identification of the best laser parameters
  • Automation & object tiling
  • External axis commanded by software
  • Shutter control
  • Easy diagnosis and troubleshooting of issues

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Want to learn more about The NanoVISII , EuGenius™ software, or any of the other fine products offered by Automator American?  Visit their website or contact Dixon Engineering and Sales Co. to schedule a meeting.  We look forward to working with you on your marking project.