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                      CYCLOIDAL REDUCERS

Gate Technologies (CDS) now offers a new generation of cycloidal reducers, sometimes referred to as cycloid drive. Compared to common gear boxes and speed reducers, cycloid style reducers have different characteristics that make them well suited for precision industrial applications.

• Cover a broader range of reduction ratios
• Possess higher load carrying capacities
• Dimensionally smaller
• Provide smooth, vibration free performance along with high efficiency
• Ideal for use in robotics, machine tools and linear axis positioning operations
• Intended for high precision, motion controlled applications

cr series cycloidal reducers


  • Sizes: CR039 - CR055 - CR075 - CR100 - CR150

  • Number of Stops: servo - driven

  • Index Angle: Ratio from 6:1 to 72:1

  • Dynamic capacity: from 16 to 2700 Nm

  • Output motion axis bearings

    - Max Axial Force: 19000 N

    - Radial force: 41000 N

    - Tilting: 2500 Nm

  • Precision: <= 1 arcmin

  • Customizable large output shaft

  • External cam generated by an epitrochoid


cr series cycloidal reducers - features 1


  • Direction of rotation: Opposite between input and output

  • Mounting position determined at time of order

  • Full load efficiency (yield): ≈ 90%

  • Life: 20,000 hours

  • Operating temperature: 0°- 90° F

  • Lubricant (grease): AGIP GR MU EP2

  • Noise level: ≤ 70 dB

  • Protection degree: IP65

CR Series Cycloidal Reducers - Features 2

CR Series Cycloidal Reducers - Features 3

CR Series Cycloidal Reducers - Features 4

The competitive price and the reduced lead time of the CR Series, together with CDS quality and reliability, make this series very attractive for the market. Want to learn more about the CR Series Cycloidal Reducer?  Click on this link to view details and specifications.

If you have an application or would like a visit to discuss a project, please contact Jack Dixon (SC) at 704-895-6805 or by email: jackdixon@dixoneng.com or Brian Barefoot (NC) at 704-655-0411 or by email: brianbarefoot@dixoneng.com. Thank you and we look forward to working with you on your next project.