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Fumex Air Filtration Systems

Understanding the Differences:

Fumex F Series vs. G Series Extractors

In today's industrial landscape, the health and safety of the workplace have never been more important. Air quality plays a crucial role in ensuring the wellbeing of employees and the efficiency of operations, especially in environments where hazardous substances are present. Fumex offers two tailored solutions for air filtration challenges: the F Series and G Series extractors. Understanding the differences between these two can help you choose the right air filtration system for your needs.

The F Series: Multi-Stage Filtration for Particulates and Gases

The F Series: Multi-Stage Filtration for Particulates and Gases

The F Series extractors are designed to tackle environments where both gases and particulates are a concern. These systems are equipped with multi-stage filtration technology, including large capacity pre-filters, HEPA filters for fine particulates, and carbon filters for neutralizing hazardous gases and odors. The comprehensive approach of the F Series makes it an ideal choice for applications that require precision filtration, such as laser marking and welding. By using the F Series, businesses can create a cleaner and safer working environment, ensuring the protection of their workforce and compliance with stringent regulatory standards.

The G Series: Targeted Filtration for Gases and Odors

On the other hand, the G Series extractors focus specifically on removing gases and odors from the workplace. These units feature a robust carbon filter, making them suitable for areas where volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other gaseous pollutants are the primary concern. Laboratories, gluing stations, some 3D printing processes, and plastic manufacturing settings can benefit greatly from the specialized filtration provided by the G Series. By concentrating on gas and odor filtration, the G Series ensures that workplaces remain safe and free from harmful airborne contaminants.

Choosing Between the F Series and G Series

The decision between the F Series and G Series extractors depends on the specific air quality challenges your workplace faces. If your environment is affected by both particulate matter and gaseous pollutants, the F Series offers a comprehensive solution with its multi-stage filtration system. However, if your primary concern is the filtration of gases and odors, the G Series provides targeted purification to meet your needs effectively.

Both series of extractors underscore Fumex's commitment to delivering advanced air filtration solutions. By understanding the key features and applications of the F Series and G Series, you can make an informed decision to ensure a healthier, safer work environment tailored to your specific operational requirements.

Do you have a fume extraction application we can assist with? Feel free to reach out to your Dixon Engineering and Sales Co. regional manager who will be happy to answer questions or set up a visit at your facility. We look forward to working with you on your next project.

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